13 Tips for Electronic Powder Scale Accuracy

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Tip #12: How Not to Break the Load Cell in Your Powder Scale

The “Load Cell” is the heart of every electronic scale. Lower priced scales usually use a strain gauge type load cell. Strain gauge load cells in particular, can be easily damaged if handled roughly.

– Never leave a load on a scale for an extended period of time as this can damage the load cell.
– Never place more weight on a scale than its uppermost limit. Overloading the scale can damage the load cell. Don’t forget that the scale’s weight limit includes any “tare” weight. For instance, if your scale has a 500 grain maximum capacity and you “tare” the scale (zero) with a powder pan that weighs 100 grains, the remaining capacity is now only 400 grains. Even though the scale reads zero, if you place a 500 grain weight on the scale, you will overload the scale.
– Never drop anything on the weighing pan. Always place the load or calibration weight gently onto the scale. Dropping weight on the scale can damage the load cell, even if the weight is well below the scale’s uppermost limit. If you ever do accidentally overload your scale, try recalibrating it. If the damage is slight, you may be able to save the scale.

Tip #13: Read Your Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual for your scale is full of useful information specific to your scale. It may not be as exciting as a Tom Clancy techno-thriller, but it is worth reading.

A Final Word

These tips will get you a head start on accurate powder weighing and, hopefully, save you a few of the lessons I learned the hard way.

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