Rolln’ With the Changes

Our man at the Tulsa Arms Show said things looked pretty good on the ammo front, but seemed slower than expected on the sales of run-of-the-mill shooting irons. Apparently some high-priced collector guns were selling, as they always do, but maybe the incredible pace of gun sales has slowed a bit.

We’ll have to look into that for next edition.

Right now, I’m going to tell you that things continue to change and grow here at Gun Digest the Magazine and our brother publication Tactical Gear Magazine.

No doubt you saw Dave Morelli’s outstanding column last edition. We’ve shifted the direction of Morelli’s writing for Gun Digest from a look at tactical gear to the newly anointed “Precision Shooting” column. It will run once a month and focus on everything that goes into shooting teeny-tiny little groups at whatever range you consider appropriate. Morelli will talk about everything from reloading components to shooting skills, doping the wind and finding the best glass.

I’m learning, as we get into this, that precise shooting is not a bargain basement proposition. Going from passable accuracy to incredible accuracy means you will have to part with some more of your hard-earned dollars. You get what you pay for and sometimes, more expensive material is quantifiably better.

Another new face, making his debut in this edition is Jerry Ahern. If you have been around the gun business a while you have heard the name. Ahern is taking on a new column we’ll call “Ahern: Always Armed.” I think you get the idea.

This new Triple A endeavor will give readers a close-up look at CCW gear, home defense weapons, maybe even some knives, flashlights and holsters. The column will be about keeping yourself and your family safe. Ahern will tell you what works, how it stands up to daily use and why you might need it.

I’m looking forward to this one.

Over on the other side of the aisle we have Tactical Gear Magazine. That’s pretty much my baby. My work with the local sheriff’s department keeps me in touch with lots of guys who count on their gear every day. It has to perform, because there is no telling when the next traffic stop is a carload of drug runners heading from Minneapolis to Green Bay through the lonely county backroads of Wisconsin.

We have expanded Tactical Gear to four newsstand issues and an additional four interactive digital issues. We also launched a nice little website. You can find it at

I’m on that site blogging just about every day. We post items of interest for people who use guns and gear for self-defense. Yes there is a professional police slant to it, but we are keeping the CCW crowd in mind, too. I think all good guys with guns deserve the best gear and that’s what we aim to tell people about.

We hope you will go to that site and raise issues about things that matter to you. The more input we get, the more tools we all have in our toolboxes.
As you can see, we have not ignored electronic media as it applies to the gun world. At we encourage you to sign up for our free email newsletters. We have one for Gun Digest and one for Tactical Gear. You will get good, solid information, regardless of your area of interest every week, free, right in your email in box.

In the upcoming months you’ll see more changes. Stories about how to pick a rifle for Western deer hunting and what gun you might want to use in Africa are tentatively scheduled. We want to know what you think about the collectible gun market and the new offerings from your favorite manufacturers.

We do what we can to cover our bases and give you the finest gun publications available. Let us know what you think.

Good Shooting,