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Alicia Capetillo

About Alicia Capetillo

Alicia Capetillo is an Assistant Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the Outdoors Community at F+W Media, Inc. Before venturing to Iola for her first day on the job, she had never fired a gun nor had she looked into the eyes of a mounted deer head, two things that the staff very quickly changed. She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and adores traveling and making lists.

Newhall Shooting

Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis Ebook Now Available in Paperback

This in-depth study of the 1970 Newhall shooting that left four officers dead offers detailed analysis of the tactics and procedures used by both officers and criminals in the fight, along with diagrams, never-before-seen images of the crime scene and evidence that has never been previously released or discussed.

Modern Custom Guns, 2nd Edition

Guns Sparkle in New Modern Custom Guns 2nd Edition

Modern Custom Guns 2nd Edition packs an abundance of information and 200 color photographs into its 208 pages. In addition to the spectacular photography filling its pages, readers will also gain insight into the creation process and the industry with features that put the spotlight on today’s most talented men and women artisans.