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Dave Morelli is a retired Las Vegas police officer and SWAT sniper now living in Idaho. He regularly writes on topics pertaining to law enforcement, search and rescue and precision marksmanship.

Gun Review: McMillan Tactical Hunter

Dave Morelli puts the McMillan Tactical Hunter through the paces at the range. Will this out-of-the-box hunting rifle live up to its accuracy promise?

Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather

Gun Review: Springfield Armory’s M-25 Whitefeather

Morelli tests the Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather. The adjustable stock makes for quick and easy changes to eye alignment when moving from one shooting position to another.   Although the stereotype of a sniper rifle or precision marksman rifle usually brings a bolt-action gun to mind, there are many semi-auto platforms available. The AR...

Exploring Sighting Options for the AR-15

The improvement I like best for the AR-15 is the flat-top upper. It gives you more options for sighting and makes the rifle more scope-friendly. Plus, you can add quick-on-and-off peeps and front sights.


For Value Look to BSA Optics

Price point, exceptional features and easy-to-use controls make for a great package when looking for a scope for your AR-15.


A Look at the Precision Rifle – Part 4 Optics

The barrel, action and stock all play an important part in building a precision rifle. But one everything said and done, you'll need something that will get you on target. Whether you shoot sights or optics, these tips will keep you on target.