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Denys Beauchemin

About Denys Beauchemin

Denys Beauchemin has been competing in F-Class for several years now and currently holds High Master mid-range and Expert long-range classifications, all earned shooting F-TR. Married with children and grand children, in real life he is an old software engineer who has published numerous articles in that field over the decades.

The author’s latest F-TR rifle on its first outing for load development. Notice the one-piece cleaning rod and the bore guide. The syringe near the ammo box is used to apply a special grease at various points on the bolt.

The F-Class Rifle for Competition

Putting a shot on target at 1,000-plus yards tests almost every facet of what it takes to be a marksman. This includes his equipment. From barrel, scope to action Denys Beauchemin breaks down what goes into building a hyper-accurate F-Class rifle.