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About Gila Hayes

Since 1993, Gila Hayes has been a staff instructor for the Firearms Academy of Seattle, teaching gun safety and armed self defense. Hayes is one of three founding leaders of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc., and produces a monthly journal published online at She is the author of Personal Defense for Women and Concealed Carry for Women.

The Glock and Kahr Arms pistols are popular striker fired semi-auto pistols for concealed carry.

Semi-Autos for Concealed Carry

From Concealed Carry for Women, author Gila Hayes explores some of the many semi-automatic pistols sold, summarizing their various options and how they operate.

Embarassing moments for armed women.

Embarrassing Moments for Armed Women

Because carrying a gun adds just one more complication to our already complex lives, carrying a gun in public is a fertile breeding ground for errors that can sometimes be embarrassing and sometimes prove very dangerous. Here are some tips for armed women.

The Home Defense Shotgun For Women – Part 2

There is another variable in shotgun selection: type of action. For defensive use, we choose between semi-automatic and manually-operated shotguns (called pump shotguns). Here's a look at both.

The Home Defense Shotgun For Women – Part 1

While the handgun is an easy firearm with which to learn shooting skills, it is not the most powerful defensive weapon one may choose. The home defense shotgun lays claim to that title.