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Jennifer L.S. Pearsall joined Gun Digest in summer 2011 as a books editor. She began her career selling guns in a retail gun shop and handgun range in Northern Virginia in the early 1990s. Recruited by the NRA to join its editorial staff in 1999, she then went on to succeed as a freelance writer and photographer. She's been a competitive shooter in many disciplines, including sporting clays, IPSC, and metallic blackpowder cartridge silhouette, and she has been an avid hunter for many years.

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Thompson/Center’s Humble Beginnings

A man, a garage, and the idea for a firearm–for Thompson/Center, such meager beginnings proved to be the foundation for a most unique gun company. “For Kenneth Thompson, a New York toolmaker, the end of WWII marked the birth of his own firm. From his Long Island garage, he shipped molds and tooling for...

A custom Ruger No. 1. This single-shot is a perennial favorite of stalking hunters and precision shooters alike.

The Ruger No. 1 Rifle, From the Beginning

A trip in the way-back machine gives a behind the scenes look at Bill Ruger’s animosity for the Mauser bolt-actions so popular at the time. “I was amused and pleased to discover that Bill Ruger shares my sense of revulsion to the sloppy feel of most Mauser type actions when the bolt is opened—it...

A Model 63 High Grade.

How Fast Does That .22 Long Rifle Go? Bull … .

Reports of .22 Long Rifle speeds seem to have been greatly over-estimated at a certain point in time. “The Model 63 was designed for Winchester/Western Super Speed and Super-X Long Rifle; it’s stamped right there on the barrel. The first high-speed LR ammunition came out in 1930. If you look at those old ammunition...

Magnum Rounds: Separating the Real Ones from the Pretenders

It was all so simple, once upon a time. Magnum rounds were few, the guns to chamber them even fewer. Today, that’s all changed.  “Back in the Jurassic era, when I was budding gun weenie, I pretty much knew what a magnum was, and so did everybody else who was into guns. Back then—I’m...

Gun Digest Digital AR-15 Collection

Editor’s Pick: Digital AR-15 Collection

Covering everything from maintenance to functionality, the latest models and all the things you could latch on to their Picatinny rails, plus tips on parts and DIY-ing the ubiquitous AR-15, this is the resource to have.

Freedom And Firearms: Kennedy And Words To Live By

On the heels of the many passionate speeches given at this past weekend’s Annual Meetings of the NRA Membership, these words from the President John F. Kennedy still ring true for our firearms and freedoms.   “The cost of freedom is always high—but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never...