AR-15 Review: Rock River Arms LAR-15

RRA LAR-15 Review. To begin, the LAR-15 boasts a 16-inch chrome-moly lined barrel shrouded in a free-floated, half-quad rail that allows for multiple attachments on all sides at the fore end of the rail, but a comfortable ¾-grip aft. I like this design as it provides the utility of a full quad rail, but won’t chew up ungloved hands, particularly during frequent fire, like full-radius uncovered rails might. The barrel is fitted with a tactical muzzle brake to reduce flip and further reduce recoil for quick on-point follow-up shots.

The 1:9 twist is a good choice as it’s capable of delivering standard 55-grain or even slightly heavier bullets downrange accurately, yet launches the lighter 40-grain bullets designed for varmints more accurately than a 1:7. The gun is guaranteed to print 1 MOA at 100 yards.

Additional features include an LAR-15 lower paired with an M-4 upper, both forged, a low-profile gas block, an RRA two-stage trigger with a Winter trigger guard, Star safety selector and an RRA Operator CAR six-position adjustable stock and comfortable Hogue pistol grip. A 10-round magazine is included.

What really separates this rifle from the standard AR is the anodized Ehide digital finish. The WYL-Ehide design mimics the fur of a coyote, while the PRK-Ehide is a precise image of a wild hog’s coarse hair. Unlike other many other camo finishes, these patterns aren’t dipped or a rolled on appliqué, but rather digitally integrated in the hard-coat anodized finish. The process makes the pattern much more durable and prevents it from chipping over time from rugged field use or wearing from harsh cleaning compounds.

It certainly gives the rifle a unique look from other ARs, which in an increasingly competitive market may not make as much a difference in the field as the gun’s shooting ability, as it will on the store shelf and in the company of other interested shooters clamoring to check out your new rifle.

The LAR-15 is only available in 5.56/.223, a great chambering for coyote-sized game and smaller, and certainly in use and adequate for dispatching hogs. But for the latter, I’d love to see a future offering in some slightly harder hitting options in perhaps 6.8mm SPC or 300 AAC Blackout. For now though, this gun will definitely hunt.

Rock River Arms LAR-15
Caliber:    5.56mm/.223 Cal.
Lower Receiver:    Forged RRA LAR-15
Upper Receiver:    Forged A4
Barrel:    16-inch Chrome Moly, 1:9 Twist
Muzzle Device:    RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake/½-28 Thread
Gas Block:    Low Profile Gas Block
Trigger:    RRA Two-Stage/Winter Trigger Guard
Safety Selector:    Star Safety
Handguard:    RRA Half Quad Free Float with 3 rail covers
Buttstock/Grip:    RRA Operator CAR Stock/Hogue Grip
Weight/Length:    7.6 lbs /37 inches
Accuracy:    1 MOA @ 100 yards
Included:    One magazine, RRA Case, Manual, Warranty

MSRP:    $1,480

This article appeared in the February 25, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Click here to learn more and load up on a subscription.

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