Gun Review: Browning Buck Mark .22 Rimfire

My Personal Report Card

Granted, I like every .22 rimfire, no matter how slowly or quickly she fires, or how fancy she looks. However, the folks in Morgan, Utah, have made it really easy to fall in love with these little guns – and for several reasons.

One, they work, and they worked each and every time our group of a dozen shooters pulled the little gold trigger. That particular afternoon, we were feeding both the pistols and the Buck Mark Target Rifle a never-ending supply of Winchester’s 40-grain Power Point/High-Velocity rounds. And as far as I know, the better part of 1,000 rounds, went downrange with nary a hiccup. That, folks, is what I’m looking for in an old-fashioned plink’n rimfire.

Secondly, they’re accurate little guns. The Buck Mark rifle, our test model topped with a Bushnell Elite 3-9, particularly so. While I would have preferred a full day on the range with the Brownings, the short time I spent in front of the targets proved all of the models more than capable cottontail and squirrel pieces, with most of the shooters being able to keep everything inside a golf ball sized circle at 25 feet with the pistols, and 50 yards – once we got the long gun dialed in – with the Target Rifle.

And third, they’re mechanically simple, a design characteristic for which Mr. Browning was well known. Disassembly for routine maintenance involves breaking the pistols down into five major parts – frame, barrel, sight base, recoil rod/firing pin housing, and operating slide – and requires, with some practice, less than 60 seconds. It’s as easy as tying your shoe. Hell, it’s as easy as Velcroing your shoe, and you folks know me – I like simple.

Price? True, it’s more than you’ll pay for a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic or a Nylon 66, but then again, you’re not buying either of those long guns here. Browning’s suggested retail for the Buck Mark pistols ranges from $359 to $549, depending upon the model. A bit more expensive, the Buck Mark Rifle will wear a price tag of roughly $650. Internet prices were on par with MSRP, however, many of the websites I called up listed the Buck Mark pistols as being Out of Stock. That probably says something about the popularity and quality of the little guns, now doesn’t it?

By the numbers
Make/model – Buck Mark Hunter Pistol
Action/design – Semi-automatic
Caliber – .22 rimfire
Operation – Blowback
Overall length – 11-1/4 inches
Barrel – 7-1/4 inches
Weight – 38 ounces
Magazine – Detachable; 10 round
Trigger pull – 4.0 pounds
Sights – Tru-Glo fiber optic front; fully adjustable rear
Additional sights – None; aftermarket scope rail
Finish – Matte blued
Grips – Cocobolo with Buck Mark logo
Safety – Sear block (thumb operated; left side of receiver)

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