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Firearm Values Print Books

Standard Catalog of Firearms 2015 with gun valuesGun Digest offers many industry-standard gun pricing books. You can order them directly from the publisher through at a great price. Here are the most popular books Gun Digest offers.

2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms – Now in its 25th edition, this must-have firearm values book contains 26,000 listings. Careful: It’s heavy!

36th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values – This comprehensive book has so much information, it’s become its own verb. If you’ve never “Bluebooked it” before, you will after picking up a copy.

The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 10th Edition – Need something more portable for carrying around at gun shows? The “little red book” is for you. It packs listings of 15,000 firearms into a convenient book.

Firearm Values Digital Downloads

Don’t have time for a big print book? Download only the information you need. offers PDFs for the following brands:


Digital downloads of’s best firearm values books are also available:

The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 10th Edition PDF

2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms, 25th Edition PDF

Find Guns: Gun Digest‘s Firearm Values Program

Find gun values with this appBrowse thousands of gun values online or on your mobile device with Find Guns, powered by Gun Digest.

  • Find firearm values for every gun under the sun, organized by condition from the Standard Catalog of Firearms
  • 110,000 listings
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  • Not sure of the model? Browse images to find the right new or used gun prices
  • This powerful tool is yours for $3.99/month

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