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Giveaway: Win “Concealed Carry 2nd Edition”

** The giveaway has ended, but be sure to check the Inside Gun Digest Books blog often for more chances to win great Gun Digest books.**

In yesterday’s blog post, you got a look inside Massad Ayoob’s new book, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition. Here’s your chance to win a copy.

Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition hits bookstore shelves within days, but this week we’re giving away a copy to one lucky winner.

Need tips on choosing your first concealed carry handgun? This primer will help.

To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below answering the following question: Have you ever had to draw your gun in self defense? Or has it remained in its holster, and you hope it stays that way?  As always, you can also just say you’d like to win the book.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Tuesday (Sept. 18, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Wednesday (Sept. 19). Good luck!

One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Tuesday, September 18, 2012.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, September 19, 2012.

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321 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win “Concealed Carry 2nd Edition”

  1. ronman4220

    I am in the process of getting my cwp in Washington state. To answer the question yes I have drawn a weapon when I was young and foolish. I was working late on a Sunday evening and didn’t set the alarm at work ( was in a rough area of town). I was in the back processing (computer system)a file that was taking forever and a day, when the door opened behind me. All I saw was what appeared to be a shotgun. I picked up my Colt series 70 and scared the janitor out of his pants. A couple minutes later his wife knocked on the door and asked if they could clean the room. I felt really stupid. Lesson learned, this happened in the late 80’s, I was mature enough in my 20’s to carry.

    I would love the book as well, big fan of yours on BHM

  2. dshaffer1001

    In general, I’ve led a pretty sedate life. In 51 years, there has been exactly one incident where I *might* have drawn a gun if I had one, and even that is a bit of a stretch.

    Having said that, I have had enough bolt-out-of-the-blue things occur to make me appreciate that life contains a certain amount of chaos, and sometimes “stuff” just happens. Maybe it was the time the tornado missed my house but dropped a tree on my truck parked 10 feet away. Or the time I was driving down a winding country road late one night and nearly hit a horse at 60 mph. Or cruising through a green light at 60 mph only to notice, just too late, that the guy approaching on the cross street wasn’t stopping. Try as we might, we simply cannot predict everything that might happen in our lives. Ten seconds before each of these events, I had inkling of what was about to happen.

    Point is, the next such event could just as easily be a violent encounter. Might as well be prepared for it.

    Anyway, I carry regularly, never had to draw in anger, hope I never have to.

  3. Jock

    I have only had my gun out when someone entered our garage to steal. We called the Sheriff and I had my pistol out in case he tried to come inside the house. I’ve never had to draw it out in public.
    Would love to win the book!

  4. mpd1966

    My concealed weapons permit is in the mail, so I don’t have any experience carrying. But I’ve never been in a situation in which i needed a gun. Hopefully it will stay like that!

  5. Jeff9679

    July 17,2005 Started off just like any other day. I had worked all day and had missed my hair cut appointment which was no big thing since my brother was my barber. I called him up to see if he was wiling to go back to his shop after I got off work and as usual no big deal as one of his friends also wanted a shape up. After we entered the shop the place became a little more popular as an ex-employee came in and began to talk with my brothers friend. In about fifteen minutes two more young men came to the door which I had my brother lock after the ex-employee came in. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach as the four men walked in the salon part of the shop which was out of my line of sight when what sounded like a fight broke out between the four men. My brother who had just finished my hair cut. Went to kick them out of his shop after about 30 sec. the first set of two boys came out of the back room one of witch said the word “GUN” I jumped up and I heard the first shot go off knowing my brother was in the room I was on the way back as I heard the second shot. As I got to the doorway the gunmen shot at me trough the wall after seeing me in the mirror.I came around the corner and the first man came at me forcing me to shoot him twice in the chest. The second man came around the corner withe the gun in his hand when I shot at him and just missed his head my brother had pulled him back and shoved him trough the wall saving his worthless life.
    My brother and I we had to stand around holding the second man and wait as the police showed up to arresting the one man the other had made it out of the shop and to his car where his friend took him to the hospital where he would survive his wounds my brother who had been hit in his side he was made to stay at the scene for six hours before he was arrested for a drug deal that had been going on in the back room of his barber shop. I was charged with carrying a firearm without a permit the charges we later dropped.But not before I had to spend 16 hours locked up when I received bail it was set at $250,000 after bonding out I contacted a lawyer and retaining council $3,500. I tell you these sums so you can decide that being judged by twelve is so much better than being carried by six but you need to be ready for what comes with it I now have a concealed carry permit. I also received my pistol back from the police after the court case against the young men was over.

  6. Pat

    Like my husband, I want to come home ever time. I’ll draw and fire to defend myself and family from some creep that wants to hurt us. I hope I’ll never be placed in that position, but won’t hesitate.

    1. gunslinger454

      Oops, I forgot to answer the question! I’ve had to pull my gun exactly one time…on my former father-in-law! (My wife at the time, his step-daughter, pulled her gun on him at the same time!) Thankfully, he quickly got the message and turned tail to run. So far that has been the one and only time I’ve ever had to pull my gun in public, and I sincerely hope it stays that way!!!

      The only other time my gun has ever been used in a possible defensive situation is when I was in college and my mother’s boyfriend, who was supposed to be flying to California, came home unexpectedly at 03:00 one night. He tried to avoid waking any of us up, but it didn’t work out that way. Hearing a commotion in the living room, and suspecting a break-in (a few weeks earlier someone had tried to kick in our front door), I got up to check it out armed with my then carry gun, and HK USP40 Compact. I saw his Corvette in the garage and lowered my HK just moments before he came around the corner & saw me. Even though the gun was never pointed at him, or even in his general direction, he still damn near wet himself. In retrospect it was pretty funny, and we’ve both laughed about it since, but at the time it was pretty scary for both of us!

      I know that all the experts say that if you hear someone breaking into your home you shouldn’t go looking for them. Just lock the bedroom door, call the police & let them handle it. That’s good advice IF you know for sure that someone has in fat broken into your home and IF there is no one you have to protect. However, in the real world calling the police every time you hear a scary noise is akin to the little boy who cried wolf. If the real wolf ever shows up the police aren’t going to be in any hurry to check out what they will consider to be just another false alarm! Sometimes you have to look for yourself.