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Inside Gun Digest Books Blog

The official blog of Corrina Peterson, Gun Digest Books Editor, on the inside view of new gun books and gun writers.

Improve your performance shooting a pistol or revolver, with "Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Handguns"

Giveaway: Guide to Shooting a Pistol or Revolver

Grant Cunningham's newest book, "Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Handguns," will be out later this month. Whether you're an experienced shooter or new to handguns, if you want to improve your performance shooting a pistol or revolver, this guide will help you do it. Here's your chance to win "Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to...

Read Charles Askins' gun review for the 44 Magnum in the 1957 "Gun Digest"

Looking Back: Col. Charles Askins Reviews the 44 Magnum

Back in the 1957 edition of "Gun Digest," Col. Charles Askins wrote a gun review for the 44 Magnum. It occurs to me that some of us may not have been around to read it then, and it might be fun to introduce new readers to this classic "Gun Digest" material. And for those...

Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set

“Gun Digest” Book Archive Winner Announced

Thanks to everyone who commented for a chance to win the giveaway. It has been great to hear from long-time followers of Gun Digest, others like us who enjoy reading everything we can about guns. And, a hearty welcome to the many newer readers. We're glad you found us, and we hope you like...

Gun Digest: The World's Greatest Gun Book

Gun Digest: Is It a Book or a Magazine??

Those who have been reading "Gun Digest" for some time may be familiar with both the book and the magazine, but for our newer readers, here's a quick primer (and a great offer to save $ when you order both!).

69 years of Gun Digest books on 3 discs

Giveaway: Win 69 Years of “Gun Digest” Annual Books!!

For fans of Gun Digest old and new, the "Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set" is the ultimate collection of “The World’s Greatest Gun Book." This week, we're giving away a "Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set" - the entire 69-year Gun Digest Book digital library in pdf format on three discs! - to one lucky...

Get gunsmithing and shotgun cleaning tips for hundreds of models

Find Out Who Won “Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly”

Thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to win the newest edition of "Gun Digest Book of Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly." Reading the comments, it looks like shotgun cleaning activities are as much a part of this pasttime as actual shooting. Read on to find out who won the book this week.

Gun repair just got easier, with "Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly 3rd Edition"

Giveaway: Win the New “Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly”

Gun repair, maintenance and shotgun cleaning just got easier, with our newest book release, "Gun Digest Book of Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly 3rd Edition." This week, we’re giving away a copy of this must-have gun book to one lucky winner.