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Giveaway: Concealed Carry Cornucopia!

** This giveaway has ended, but be sure to check the Inside Gun Digest Books blog for more chances to win great Gun Digest books.**

If you own a handgun for personal protection or self-defense, you’ll want to get in on this fantastic giveaway, with three of Gun Digest’s best-selling titles from one of the pre-eminent fighting handgun trainers in the world, Massad Ayoob.

In our continuing mission to give away some of our “favorite things” during December, this cornucopia of concealed carry books includes:

To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below casting your vote: Best concealed carry holster: leather or synthetic?

Or, as always, you can just say you’d like to win the giveaway.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Tuesday (Dec. 18, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Wednesday (Dec. 19) in the Inside Gun Digest Books blog.

Good luck!



  • One entry per person, please.
  • Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Tuesday, December 18, 2012.
  • Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

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120 thoughts on “Giveaway: Concealed Carry Cornucopia!

  1. rlspooner

    I prefer leather. It’s a natural, comfortable, conforming material that gets better with age and won’t last forever in a landfill when it finally does wear out.


    I live In Maryland and as it is a Communist there is no way in hell unless you are a retired cop or own a business and carry around a load of cash all the time or are an actual victem of a violent crime with a current threat can you get a carry permit.

    But that is supposed to change as it was deemed unconstitutional.

    So I am reading about which is better and I think it is a matter of personal choice.

    Whatever the material, I am going to go for comfort inside the waistband carry, As I need to conceal a 4 inch 1911 .45acp .

  3. jh45gun

    I prefer leather I have never tried one of the plastic molded holsters I feel that it would leave wear marks on the gun faster then carrying in a leather holster. I would take a nylon holster over the molded plastic holsters if I could not find a leather one I liked. Being left handed limits my choices on buying a holster at some places who carry few if any left hand ones some only carry right hand holsters.

  4. Prairie

    It’s probably a toss up between the two. However, I can see the utility of using a synthetic application when in an environment that would be on the hot side, causing the wearer to sweat, thereby affection the leather holster more than synthetic also possibly wicking the moisture through the leather onto the firearm. (granted, you’d have to sweat a lot but nevertheless, a possibility!)

  5. k2turner

    Probably the best is the one that gets used. That goes down to personal preference. I know it’s expensive to try them all, but if you don’t like the one you have, try another!