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Book Giveaway: Win the new Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Rifles

It’s time for another book giveaway. This week’s question is this: What’s your favorite AR, and why?

Post your answer in the comments section below to enter a random drawing to win a copy of Phillip Peterson’s new book, the Gun Digest Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Rifles.

The book contains:

  • expert advice for finding the right military-styled rifle,
  • values by condition grade, and
  • insights into what’s hot and what’s not in the red-hot tactical market.

Good luck! We’ll announce the winner next Monday (April 4).

To get your copy of the Gun Digest Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Rifles now, click here.

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One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 12:00 midnight Central Time Sunday April 3, 2011.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Monday, April 4, 2011.





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20 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Win the new Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Rifles

  1. Bud

    The Stag Arms Model 4 which is a clone of the M16A3. It is perfect for the mid-range shots (200-500 meters)making it a great predator rifle that can also double as a designated marksman rifle.

  2. blazerman3

    i would like to see reviews of The RUGER Sr 5.56 with it gas piston operating system, compared to the gas impingement system, as like any other ar 15 .

  3. jdog

    Ar-15 are nice tactical rifles. i have shot with my friends a few times.. i have a Ruger SR-22 tactical and a 1925 7mm Mauser, fun guns. one if these days i will have a AR-15 or M4 {HOPEFULLY} so then the guys at the gun club will stop making fun of me..

  4. tshelfer

    My favorite will always be the AR that I build up from the best components. That way you know the gun from the inside out and you get to optimize the weapon to your tastes.

  5. gtrmansteve

    I don’t have a favorite yet. I’m hoping to win the buyers guide to help me make a decision on what tactical rifle to purchase. Any suggestions?

  6. BigBoyToys

    My best AR is a Wilson combat in a 20″ with a 1 in 7″ twist. After out state allowed the use of a 223 for deer hunting it brought down a nice Buck at 300 yards with a 77 gr bullet with a perfect heart shot, it walked only 15′ before colapsing

  7. William Bell

    My favorite AR is the Rock River Arms LAR-8; for starters it is chambered for the 7.62 NATO / .308 cartridge rather than the 5.56 round, plus it uses inexpensive FN/FAL magazines that cost about $10 used/surplus. It’s not much bigger than an AR-15/M-4, is harder hitting, and can be used to engage targets at longer distances.

  8. eggbone

    I have had an for many years. older Bushmaster. It is the only Ar-15 I have fired. It has been very reliable, having fired many thousands of rounds through it.
    So, I guess that It is my favorite.

  9. LouisianaJoe

    I have 2 that I use for different purposes.

    I have a Rock River 24″ Varmint A4 upper on a Bushmaster Lower with a Jard Trigger. It will put 10 shots of Black Hills 69gr into a 2.6″ group at 300 yds.

    I recently bought a Rock River Elite Operator2. I can put most shots into an inch at 50 yds using the open sights. I have an EOTech Holosight XPS2-0 that I plan to put on this one. I am considering putting a laser on this one.

  10. Pldraper

    I own the best AR ever made. It is the H&K Model 93A2. Accurate. Dependable. More accessories become available daily. I have been to multiple carbine/rifle classes and in-services and it has never failed. Thanks,

  11. jazcat

    I still haven’t purchased an AR yet so cannot say which is my favorite. I asked 10 of my shooting friends to recommend a decent AR-15 with the only caveats that it be fairly light weight (I am a 5′ tall woman) and not extremely expensive and got 15 recommendations ;).

    At this time I am learning more and more about AR-15s; the various parts, the customization possible, what you need and what is nice to have. I am even taking a class on AR’s at the local range tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to decide and purchase my AR-15 soon. I have to admit, this book sounds like a perfect resource for me.

  12. zefmedina

    The Colt model 6721

    It was the first Colt blue label I purchased. The Model 6721 is a 16″ heavy barreled AR-15 with “mil-spec” features like a bolt carrier, MP tested bolt and barrel and buffer tube/adjustable butt stock. It is apart of Colt’s Blue Label or Law Enforcement/Military line of rifles. During the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban these weapons were not available to be purchased by civilians, but with the ending of that foolish ban Colt now sells their near M4 spec rifles to civilians in free states.

    My 6721 has gone through as many changes, modifications, and upgrades that I can do(for now).

    When I first assembled the rifle out of the box I had a 7″ Free Float Rail installed, a plain Vltor butt-stock, and an EO tech with a Rock River Dominator mount. I think the only thing that has stayed the same is the black Blue Force Vickers sling and a Tango Down pistol grip. I have added and subtracted a Grip-Pod, changed out the Troy 7″ rail for a Daniel Defense 12″ FSP lite weight and switched out the flash light a couple of times.

    Three modifications I have kept and enjoy are the Vortex flash suppressor from Smith, Matech back up sight that I picked up overseas, and the PRI Gasbuster charging handle. All three came from a ‘tactical’ set up that I find work well.

    The major motivating reason behind my transformation for the rifle was that everything I put on the rifle, for an optic, EO, Acog, and now Leupold was that the 16″ heavy Barrel on this rifle is so dang accurate.

    At first I thought the 4x power ACOG would be the ticket, until I had the opportunity to but a 1.5-5 power Leopold off a co-worker. I had already been searching for a variable power scope to keep up with the “Short-Dot” fad and was leaning toward another Trijicon product (mostly because of price). When a co-worker asked me if I’d like to buy his scope.

    Not sure what I was getting I picked up the scope and was impressed with the magnification and clarity. I was sold. Coming home I found a Larue 1.5 SPR mount, and a beefier Vltor EMod stock for what i thought was going to be a heavy scope and rail combo. I again was surprised as the rifle was still lighter than expected when i weighted it against a friends AR 10 at the range.

    I guess you could say my proof of concept was when i took this same rifle to a 2 and 3-gun match and got a chance to run it under stress.

    Lessons learned from this rifle: From it I was able to figure out what would make a good ACOG set up, another note on that later. And the benefit of the adjustable low power scope.

    Last note, I just decided to add the Surefire 300 to the front of the rifle after reading some other more knowledgeable shooter, now I only need a night match to try it out…

  13. shadoweng

    I like the Spike’s Tactical M4. It is a terrific performer for a price many can afford. Reduced price in no way implies compromised performance or quality. The guys behind the spider know their stuff!