Gun Digest Annual Books

Articles taken from the history of the Gun Digest book, which dates back to 1944.

69 years of Gun Digest books on 3 discs

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For fans of Gun Digest old and new, the "Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set" is the ultimate collection of “The World’s Greatest Gun Book." This week, we're giving away a "Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set" - the entire 69-year Gun Digest Book digital library in pdf format on three discs! - to one lucky...

Gun Digest 2013 67th Edition Book

Gun Digest 2013—It’s Finally Here!

  For all you loyal Gun Digest annual readers out there who’ve been chompin’ at the bit for this year’s edition, you can breathe a side of relief, pull up a comfy chair, and settle in for a good long read, because it’s finally here! Gun Digest 2013 is on bookstore shelves. I had...

Jack O'Connor's Custom Ruger M77 in .280 Remington

Classic Guns: Jack O’Connor’s Last Rifle, the Ruger M77

I love to find old hook-and-bullet magazines, the older the better, and read the old-school gun writers. I like the grainy black-and-white photos shot in the field. I like the horn-rimmed glasses, canvas shooting jackets and the Jones hats they wear. Some of these writers have penned stories for Gun Digest over the years....

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Foul the Bore Before Hunting?!?

It’s always good to clean your gun and keep it in top-notch shape. Why, then, would you intentionally foul the bore by sending a shot down the barrel prior to heading out on a hunt?

The 6-inch Rhino .357 in all its glory.

The Rhino Revolver

As one of the most innovative revolvers to be marketed to the American shooter, the Chiappa Rhino fires from the bottom chamber to reduce reset time and recoil.


Video: How to Read Every Gun Digest Book Ever Published

The new Gun Digest eBooks site offers unlimited reading of more than 130 Gun Digest books dating back to 1944. Click here to check out Gun Digest eBooks. More About Gun Digest eBooks The motto of Gun Digest is “We Know Guns So You Know Guns,” and eBooks are one of the easiest, most...

Merle (Mike) Walker, the designer of the Remington 721

Firearm Auction News: the “Benefit Gun”

Besides firearms auctions that cater to private gun collectors and vintage gun aficionados, there are other firearms auctions happening regularly around the country. They are sponsored by sportsmen conservation groups  and guns are sometimes auctioned off as a fund raising tool. There is a new twist on that and it’s the concept of the...

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2012

The Gun Digest – 2012 Table of Contents John T. Amber Literary Award 3 Introduction 4 Italy’s Double Barrel Bargains 8 Guns for the Great North 18 Smith & Wesson: American Pioneer 22 The Kautzky Dynasty 31 Me & My Dad & Gun Digest 34 Custom & Engraved Guns 38 PCSACs: Pistol-Cartridge Semi-Auto Carbines...

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2010

The Gun Digest – 2010 Table of Contents John T. Amber Literary Award 3 Introduction 4 The Incredible 2-Bore Rifle 8 Gas-Delayed Blowbacks: Junk or Cutting Edge? 14 Hornet Hotrod: The .19 Calhoon Badger 22 The Beretta Survival Kit: The Model 84 .380 ACP 26 The Magnificent Seven 32 An Introduction to the Military...