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Kevin Michalowski, Senior Editor Gun Digest the Magazine

Senior Editor Kevin Michalowski Leaves Gun Digest

  by Kevin Michalowski The Nov. 5, 2012, edition is my final issue as senior editor of Gun Digest the Magazine. It also marks the end of nearly 15 years here at the offices of Gun Digest. I have taken the job of executive editor at Concealed Carry Magazine, combining my love of guns...

The best zombie guns

Best Zombie Guns for Halloween

As Halloween approaches and the dead prepare to rise and walk the earth, what a better way to train for the coming zombie apocalypse than with rapid-fire assaults on zombie targets?

Gun Digest the Magazine May 24, 2012

Gun Digest Subscription Scammers Strike Again. Beware.

We here at Gun Digest the Magazine have been getting dozens of letters from subscribers containing phoney renewal notices sent out by a company calling itself Publisher’s Billing Association (PBA). This group is now working out of White City, Oregon, and while they are not officially criminal, they are certainly dishonest. PBA is trying...

Fox Sports

Tell FOX to Reinstate Firearms Advertising

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry — recently learned that FOX Sports Media Group has banned advertisements featuring firearms and ammunition from its coverage of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. As of press time, the UFC has not made an official...

It’s Been Said Before

Here we go again. A recent story posted on the notoriously liberal MSN website, once again blamed guns from the U.S. for the drug related violence in Mexico.

Gun Show Season is Here

As you page through this edition, you will notice we are almost entirely focused on gun shows. I like that. With the hunting seasons fast approaching it is a good time to start looking for that new, or new-to-you, shooting iron.

Open Carry

Open Carry: Yes or No?

Is open carry a good way to assert gun rights and personal protection, or does it do more harm than good while putting gun owners in harm's way?

The Great Holster Debate

To carry a pistol properly you need a holster. That’s it. Let’s not debate that part. If you shove the gun in your waistband you are going to shoot off your private parts.

If You Buy It, They Will Shoot

Gun Digest Senior Editor Kevin Michalowski gives tips for introducing kids to the shooting sports. Liberals don't like Kevin. And that's just fine by him.