Bad Government Abounds

Over in the People’s Republik of California it seems the misguided leaders in Fresno decided to host a cash-for-guns program. News reports in the Fresno Bee say the police gathered up 447 firearms for which they paid $35,000. The newspaper claimed that two “machine guns” were also turned in, but no one has yet confirmed that story by telling me the make, model and caliber of the guns.

The city leaders said they would have another cash-for-guns event as soon as they raised $50,000 in donations. Most of the guns are slated to be cut up. What a waste. Not only is it a waste of good guns… but it is a waste of money as well. You see, study after study has shown that gun buy-back programs don’t reduce crime.  If they did reduce crime, police agencies and municipal governments would certainly see their way fit to budget money for the programs. Instead, the communities and the police agencies refuse to spend a dime of their own money and demand contributions from private citizens to pay for the programs. It seems clear to me that if a police department says its job is to reduce crime, and they really believe gun buy-backs do that, well then they would put their money where their mouth is. But they don’t. And by that I mean buy-backs don’t work and agencies that use them don’t really believe in them. Gun buy-backs are publicity stunts!

But this particular publicity stunt went too far. You see, at the end of his big day in front of the cameras, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer was apparently so overcome by the power of the spotlights, he blurted out that his next step would be to put a bounty on guns. Dyer wants to offer rewards to citizens who report others for “illegal gun possession, including those used in crimes.”

Can anyone else see that this is a disaster waiting to happen? I’m all for the CrimeStoppers hotline. This is not that. How are the citizens of Fresno supposed to know if a person in possession of a gun has it legally? How many false calls will the police get? How much time will they spend chasing false calls about legal gun owners when they should be chasing lawbreakers? You can bet someone will decide he doesn’t like the fact that his neighbor’s dog is barking all night and call the police to say, “I think the guy next door was putting a gun in his car. You should check it out.”

A bounty program is a foolish idea, but what do you expect from the forward-thinking people of California? I feel sorry for the gun owners living there. Please keep up the fight.

On another note, seems you don’t need a treaty with Mexico if you just have enough bureaucrats to handle things for the gun grabbers. The BATFE just announced that over the next four months they will send additional agents to the South Texas area to audit American gun shops. The goal of this harassment, er, intensive enforcement, is to assist the Mexican government in tracking illegal guns headed to the drug cartels.

Is your BS meter off the charts yet? Call your congressman and explain this concept: Why would a Mexican drug dealer want to buy a semi-auto AR-15 from a licensed shop in Texas when he can buy fully automatic weapons on the black market? Not only does the Mexican black market take away the risk of our BATFE helping in the investigation, but Mexico is a smuggler’s haven. Hugo Chavez is pumping military-grade weapons into Mexico as fast as Rosie O’Donnel eats a cheesecake. Mexican soldiers are deserting by the thousands and taking their AMERICAN MADE AND SUPPLIED M-16s with them to the drug cartels.
It is not the gun shops of Texas supplying Mexico’s drug cartels. If anything it is our own government “helping” the Mexican’s fight crime by supplying guns and ammo to the police and soldiers, who quickly turn around and deliver those weapons to drug dealers.

I say we go with my original plan: Seal the border. Search every vehicle and person who tries to cross and see if that slows down the drug violence in our neighbor to the south.

Call and write your congressional representatives and tell them that contrary to what Obama says, it is not the fault of the American people, the American government or the American Constitution that Mexico is a cesspool of corrupt police officers, judges and government officials.

Tell our leaders you will not give up one bit of your freedom to make Mexico a better country. We built our nation from nothing, so let others create their own nation and deal with their own problems as free people should. We can give them advice, but they have to implement it and be of strong enough moral fiber to fight for what is right.
Americans are not ruining Mexico. Mexicans are.