Colt Recalls Several Pistols

The gun business can be fickle. Just when things seem to be going very well, fortunes can turn on a dime and, as the old saying goes, “upset the apple cart.”

A recent announcement from Colt’s Manufacturing Company shows just how quickly and easily that apple cart can be upset. Several Colt firearms are being recalled because of a manufacturing defect that could result in an accidental firing or a failure to fire.

That this announcement appears here is no indictment of Colt. We present this information only to help get the word out to the consumer. This is not the first product recall in the firearms industry and certainly will not be the last. If you’ve been around the firearms industry long enough, you’ve seen recalls from all the big name makers.

It is important for owners of these firearms to remedy the problem immediately. Don’t wait for the rush to subside, you might forget that your gun even needs work. Don’t ignore the recall in hopes that your “original” gun will someday have additional collector value. Now is the time to get the replacement parts and insure the gun functions as it should.

Here is the announcement as it came directly from Colt:

Colt’s Manufacturing Company is recalling certain COLT pistols. The models are COLT 1911 WWI REPLICA, 1918 WWI REPLICA, COMBAT ELITE, NEW AGENT, and DEFENDER models, including the TALO NIGHT DEFENDER, sold since March 2007. Colt has determined that the Slide Lock Safety and/or the Recoil Spring Guide Pad in these models were not manufactured to Colt specifications and must be replaced.

The Safety and/or Guide Pad in these models were recently found to be of improper hardness. As a result, the Safety may prematurely wear or be prone to break, especially if the pistol is dropped, and might not prevent an accidental firing. The Guide Pad might crack and possibly prevent the pistol from firing.
According to Joyce Rubino, Colt Vice President for Operations, “Although there have been no reports of personal injuries or property damage, safety is our number one concern. Therefore we are requesting that the affected pistols not be loaded or used until the part or parts have been replaced.” She said, “We have promised to promptly retrofit these pistols to minimize customer inconvenience.”

Colt has offered to replace the affected parts at no cost to its customers. Instructions for obtaining the recall service or replacement parts are posted on Colt’s website at and can also be obtained by e-mailing Colt at, or by calling, Monday-Friday, 8:30AM–12:00PM; 1PM–5PM EST, 1-800-962-COLT (2658), and pressing Option “2”.

If you have one of these guns please contact Colt immediately and have the problem fixed. Also, pass the word to anyone who might not see this announcement. Post it at your gun club, hand out copies in the clubhouse, take some copies to the local gun show. We at Gun Digest the Magazine want to do all we can to get the word out.

Good Shooting.