Everything is Roses

In response to a few comments concerning my negative attitude, I thought I should take some time to point out that a lot of good things are happening in the shooting industry, especially for hunters.  At this point I’m compelled, in an effort to keep things in perspective, to point out that, “the Second Amendment ain’t about duck hunting.”

But hunters have some good things going on: The wolf is being removed from the Endangered Species list; several states, including my home state of Wisconsin, have put forth “Families Afield” legislation lowering the hunting age; Washington, D.C. is being forced to expand the number of guns on its “approved list.”

Gun Digest Aug. 3, 2009 In what can be called even brighter news, the foolish idea of microstamping is being properly attacked by industry professionals, engineers and even common citizens. For the record, microstamping is a flawed idea that will not reduce crime and only serves to add expense to the cost of producing firearms.

Anti-gunners are trying to make it so difficult and costly to produce guns that average citizens won’t be able to buy them. When that happens the gunmakers will be driven out of business and criminals will roam the streets unmolested by honest citizens who used to be able to defend themselves. This of course will lead to calls for more police powers; a unified front, which will grow into a national police force that will push the United States of America toward totalitarian socialism.

I, for one, will not stand by while proponents of mircostamping try to destroy our republic. So it is good to see we are showing a unified front.

Gun and ammo sales are up for most classes of firearms. Sure, Knight Rifles faltered and Thompson/Center had some layoffs, but across the board sales are robust and more often than not you hear about production backlogs rather than slow sales. I’d like to take credit for this surge, because several years ago I wrote a column on the topic of buying guns.

When all the “one-gun-a-month” restrictions were being floated by liberal lawmakers around the nation I suggested that “one-gun-a-month” not be looked at as a restriction, but as a requirement. If every American gun owner decided to buy one gun a month, the industry would be so strong and vibrant no politician in his or her right mind would think of trying to restrict it. Remember the old saying, “Money talks and something else walks.” If businesses were selling 80 million guns a month the gun industry would be “too big to fail.”

Other areas of good news: common sense is starting to prevail in the concealed carry debate in  the People’s Republic of Illinois. At least one sheriff in the Illinois suburbs of St. Louis is on record as saying he would like to see citizens get pistol permits to help reduce crime.

No such luck in the Land of Cheese, where the best we can do in the CCW debate is to listen to the hopeful talk that Wisconsin Governor Jim “What Me Worry?” Doyle may not run for another term. On the other other hand, the Wisconsin Attorney General has said open carry is legal, though the sight of a gun will give police reason to stop and talk with you. No shootings, accidental or otherwise were reported at the Open Carry events hosted in Wisconsin following the ruling. Hmm. Open Carry=Responsible Citizen. I like that.

So the long and short of this piece is that we gun owners have it pretty good. Yes, we must remain vigilant, but that vigilance is an investment in our freedom. We must stay informed. We must stay active. We must never give up the fight for what we believe in. All I can do is tell you what is happening and encourage you to take part. The choice is yours.

Remember the words of Edmund Burke. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

If you stand by and do nothing, you are part of the problem.

Good shooting.