Time to Speak Up and Be Heard

Gun control advocates are going to be using recent tragic events to push for more restrictive laws. You can count on it.

The murderous rampages in Washington state and workplace shootings in Florida made big news with the headlines only being displaced by something as important as Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade. Such is the lameness of our major media outlets.

But make no mistake, these same media outlets will continue their attacks against the Second Amendment using the tragedy of murdered police officers to frighten the general public. You can count on those same media outlets to misrepresent the facts, call for a ban on “assault weapons” and generally whip up a level of hysteria they feel the American people need to see to push their agenda.

How does this involve you, the knowledgeable gun owner?

Well, aside from the fact that politicians and liberal media folks will soon be targeting your guns with renewed vigor, this involves you because you need to be involved.

Once again, you need to pick up the phone and start calling your elected officials. You need to pick up a pen and start writing letters. You need to join gun advocacy groups and donate money to political action committees. In short, you need to be involved.

Honest citizens are not to blame for gun violence, but we are the only ones who get punished. Worst of all, we get punished preemptively. Politicians try to take away our rights and our future ability to own, carry and use firearms because someone ELSE did something wrong and they are worried we MIGHT do it, too.

Didn’t you always hate it back in grammar school when the teacher would punish the whole class for something one kid did wrong? I don’t know about you, but at my school that kid got some playground justice at the very next opportunity. But that was the wrong way to do things. That didn’t solve the problem. Someone needed to tell the teacher that group punishment didn’t address the issue of the bad kid’s actions.

That’s what needs to be done now with lawmakers, media types and anyone else who says gun control will work to reduce crime. Speak up. Point out the foolishness of punishing  an entire group of people for the actions of a few criminals. Can you imagine the uproar if all newspapers had to suffer punishment because of what the tabloids published? What would happen if we suggested sanctions against car companies and distilleries in an effort to stop drunk driving?

There would be such an uproar that any politician involved in such a plan would never see another campaign dollar from anyone.  That’s the way it should be with gun laws. Remember what happened during the election immediately following the passage of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban?

Republicans took control of both houses of Congress.  We need to keep that type of uproar alive and kicking.  Politicians should fear new gun laws every bit as much as gun owners do.

And you, the readers of this magazine, are the backbone of such a movement. You can strike fear into the hearts of politicians. Speak out. Prove to your lawmakers that anti-gun legislation will result in removal from office. Remind them that all Americans deserve freedom and should be expected to be responsible with that freedom.

Make the calls. Write the letters. Speak up and be heard. It is much easier to stop a bad law from getting passed than it is to wipe a bad law off the books.

It is up to you.

Good Shooting.