Photo Gallery: 10 Modified M14 Rifles

VLTOR’s M14/M1A Modstock

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VLTOR’s M14/M1A Modstock comes with a full-length top rail and adjustable buttstock. Also seen is a Bushnell 10X40mm Sniper Scope and a VLTOR Epod two-piece bipod, which mounts with the fulcrums above the bore. Click image to enlarge.

10 super-cool custom-modified M14 (M1A) rifles seeing action around the globe.

This photo gallery is excerpted from the article Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Get Upgraded, by Gary Paul Johnston, appearing in the Gun Digest 2014 Annual Book.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: 10 Modified M14 Rifles

  1. KLC311

    Number 7 is indeed a pretty heavily modified M14. In fact, every single part would have to be replaced to modify an M14 into an FAL. (The M14 and the FAL are both great rifles, but an FAL is not an M14)

  2. JMass_M14

    What else can be said? The M14 was the very first rifle (or any gun, for that matter) that I became familiar with… and your first Always holds a special place in the heart. Thing is, recent years have proven that the M14 is still a worthy battle rifle, still capable of long-distance accuracy (even without scope-enhanced sighting systems), as well as hard-hitting at closer ranges. Rock-on, My 14!

    Former Marine, Viet Nam vet, Range Safety Officer…