Jason Menefee Custom Ruger Blackhawk

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A Blackhawk in .500 JRH by Jason Menefee, featuring a 4½-inch octagon barrel with an integral rib and a custom white bar front sight (by Menefee), flat-topped frame, Smith & Wesson J-frame rear sight, reshaped XR3-RED grip, bird’s-eye maple grips (by Menefee), modified Super Blackhawk hammer, and a five-shot fluted cylinder with blackpowder chamfer and click ratchet. It is finished in case color hardening by Turnbull. Photo by Jason Menefee

This photo gallery is an excerpt from the Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers.


Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers


  1. Uh…a Ruger HOOD ornament? Not to mention an 03 Ruger hood ornament? Please tell me it’s just resting on the radiator cap for the shoot – no pun intended. I have seen crazier stuff, but otherwise…too much money, too little sense.