Gun Quotes

Gun Quotes

Check out these interesting gun quotes mined by Gun Digest‘s Jennifer L.S. Pearsall. As a books editor, Pearsall comes across scores of gun quotes. There are famous gun quotes, funny gun quotes, pro-gun quotes and anti-gun quotes. No matter the type, these gun quotes will get you thinking about the role firearms play in society and how you use them.

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Gun Quotes: Trust Your Bug-Out Gear?

Bug-Out Gear: False Sense of Security? “Lots of folks think they could throw a minimal pack on their back and disappear from civilization and live happily ever after. … An argument could be made that the wise woodsman could make a living following these folks and using what they left behind after they expire.—Dave...

Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob

Gun Quote: Massad Ayoob on Col. Charles Askins, Jr.

  “There were facets to Charlie that I wouldn’t want in a cop. There was racism. There was a killer instinct, too strong, strong enough to sometimes slip its leash. Some of his shootings, had they been adjudicated, could have earned him ‘life without parole.’” —Massad Ayoob, on Col. Charles Askins, Jr., Combat Shooting...