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First Impressions, Range Test of the Glock 19 Gen 4

When it comes to 9mm pistols, few guns have reached the heights of the Glock 19. Check out this video to see how the 4th generation of this pistol — which has been available long enough now to pass the test of time — performs on the range.

The Austrian-made Glock 19 has become one of the most popular handguns ever produced, giving shooters a dependable, accurate pistol in a sleek package.

And the futuristic handgun has continued to evolve as the years have gone on. Like the rest of Glock’s firearms, the 19 now has a Generation 4 model, with a few tweaks that make it more useful and flexible.

The above video by TyFromMD doesn’t go into the minutia of the handgun, but it gives a pretty good idea about what a shooter will get when they buy a Glock 19 Gen 4.

A bit of a spoiler: Perhaps the most striking new feature is the gun’s adjustable back straps. As an added bonus, TyFromMD gives us a sneak peek at his first shots with his new 19. Given the ease at which he is able to double tap, the pistol appears to have a pretty snappy trigger reset.

Glock Deconstructed

Glock Deconstructed

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