Handgun Review: Walther PPQ M2

Despite generally spending more time behind a shotgun or rifle, the author shot some of the best groups of his life with the 9mm PPQ M2.

Despite generally spending more time behind a shotgun or rifle, the author shot some of the best groups of his life with the 9mm PPQ M2.

Walther PPQ M2 Out-of-the-Case Accuracy

At the range, we pulled the PPQ M2 (PPQ by the way stands for Police Pistol Quick Defense) from the case, gave it a thorough visual inspection and function check, loaded a mag and went to work on the target.

Shooting without a rest, using a standard two-handed grip and standing, we shot the target as you would in a defensive scenario. While nobody achieved any 1-inch groups, it was easy to rapidly fire an entire grouping within the torso or head of a silhouette target.

We tested a mix of American Eagle and Winchester ammo. Everyone who held the gun agreed it shot nice, was accurate and would be a great gun to own. I left that gun at the studio back at the office to be photographed when we were done.

The following week, I broke out a separate PPQ M2 wondering if it would yield the same results during a more serious testing session. My goal was to replicate the accuracy achieved on the Walther target that came with the gun.

A tester at the factory fires each gun before it ships and is sent out with the target enclosed in the case. The target with my gun indicated a nice, center-of-target group that measured just outside of an inch. It was shot at 15 meters (approximately 16½ yards).

I test fired 150 rounds through the PPQ, shooting both five-shot groups and full mag strings. Some were done rapid fire and standing—a typical defensive scenario—and others were shot measured and from bags.

Walther PPQ M2Unloading the full magazine as quickly as I could at targets hanging at both 7 and 15 yards away, I averaged 14-15 shots inside the ring of a 10-inch target at 7 yards and 12-13 inside the ring at 15. I’m clearly no threat to any speed shooting competitors out there, but I was more than happy with how I was shooting with the PPQ.

Using a rest and trying to shoot completely for accuracy, I didn’t always achieve the 1-inch groups my Walther tester had with the gun, but I was able to easily deliver routine groups inside a 2-inch circle at 15 yards using American Eagle 124-grain FMJ ammo (with the occasional inexplicable flyer that generally went no more than an inch wide).

To my own amazement, I delivered one group that fell completely inside an inch with the holes all touching. It’s quite honestly the best group I’ve ever shot with a handgun as I tend to spend more time behind the stock of a rifle or shotgun.

Ultimately, I left the range that day not only as impressed with the Walther PPQ M2’s performance, but also with my eyes open to the new found shooting ability I knew I was capable of with the right gun in my hand. The PPQ M2 is definitely that gun.

Walther PPQ M2
Caliber:    9mm & .40 S&W
Capacity:    15+1 (9mm), 11+1 (.40)
Magazines:    Two 15 round or 11 round mags
Barrel:    4” Tenifer coated, matte black
Sights:    Low profile, three-dot polymer combat sights
Frame:    Polymer, matte black
Slide:    Tenifer coated, matte finish
Length:    7.1”
Height:    5.3”
Weight:    1.5 lbs.
Options:    Mag loader, adjustable back strap panels, gun lock, also available in 9mm and .40 S&W 5” versions as well as a 4.6” 9mm Navy version. Metal self-illumination or metal Tritium night sights also available.
SRP:    $599-$699
Website:    waltherarms.com

This article appeared in the September 9, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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