Single-Stack Springfield XD .45, Compact Carry with a Powerful Punch

The XDs comes with two five round magazines and there is an available seven round extended version.

The XDs comes with two five round magazines and there is an available seven round extended version.

On the Range
Operation of the XDs is both simple and convenient. The magazine is fairly easy to load, the slide operates well and may be easier to manipulate than some of the larger XD series guns with slides that taper towards the top. The controls are where they should be, making the gun easy to adapt to. With a good trigger and good sights, I expected it to perform well, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I don’t bench test carry guns because the short sight radius makes it difficult. My test is to determine reasonable accuracy for the purpose for which the gun is intended. At 10 yards, two hands, with a magazine change, I managed a 2.5 inch, 10-shot group that was centered in the target. Recoil recovery is slower than larger or less powerful guns, but it was reasonable and the good sights and trigger aided greatly. I fired this with the five-shot magazines because I see the seven shot magazine as too large for every day concealment.

Overall, this is a very good concealment gun for those who feel the need for serious power. It’s larger and considerably heavier than the gun I carry every day, but every aspect of concealed carry firearms choice is a tradeoff between effectiveness and concealability.

This gun is as powerful as any concealed carry gun needs to be. It’s also extremely reliable and accurate. It’s also quite safe to carry in normal carry situations. It’s not a gun for those who have problems dealing with recoil. Once loaded, it’s heavier than I’d want to carry every day, but you simply can’t argue with a gun this small with this kind of power and accuracy.

Springfield Armory XDs
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 5 + 1, and 7 + 1 with the extended magazine
Magazines: Two aluminum five round furnished with the gun.
Barrel: 3.3 inches
Sights: Steel Dovetail rear, drift adjustable with white dots, front fiber optic.
Frame: Polymer
Slide: Forged Steel
Length: 6.3”
Height: 4.4”
Weight: 21.5 oz.
Options: Seven round extended magazine
Suggested Retail Price: $689

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  1. protias

    “With one in the chamber, 6 rounds is reasonable in a concealed carry handgun. If you can’t do it with six, you should practice more. ”

    Are you taking into account for multiple attackers or someone on narcotics?