Best Zombie Guns for Halloween


The best zombie guns

The best zombie guns are the ones that make shooting fun.

by Kevin Michalowski

As Halloween approaches and the dead prepare to rise and walk the earth, what a better way to train for the coming zombie apocalypse than with rapid-fire assaults on zombie targets?

Crosman, the airgun folks, have just the ticket: Zombie destroyers of every ilk. These are some of the best zombie guns for a fun Halloween.

You can get the Zombie Eraser, the Zombie Terminator and the Zombie Eliminator along with a complete line of zombie-themed targets to help you hone your skills for the real deal.

The Zombie Eraser is a battery-powered, full-auto submachine gun that will spit out some 350 rounds before you need to reload.

The Zombie Terminator looks and functions like a tactical shotgun and I can tell you from experience those 6mm pellets will leave a welt. (Thanks, son.)

The Zombie Eliminator is a CO2-powered pistol that cranks out pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger.

What each of these offer is outstanding fun. You can’t help but smile when you pick one up, and that makes them some of the best zombie guns on the market. Once the shooting starts there is nothing but laughter. It’s that good.

But, you know, I’m a serious firearms journalist…what sway could zombie-themed toy guns have over me? A good deal of sway it turns out.

You see, even though I grab every firearm and look at it with the same critical eye (fit and finish, accuracy, reliability), after the initial assessment, I happen to think shooting is fun. Setting up some of Crosman’s zombie targets in my backyard and running around shooting them was quite fun.

So much fun, in fact, my 12-year-old son decided to take over the scenario-based testing. It’s gotten to the point that he has purchased smoke bombs to cover his approach and retreat and has included targets from the rooftop to the rear lot line. There is no way to say this is not fun.

Oh yeah… testing. After 15,000 plastic pellets, the Crosman guns have put up with everything an exuberant adolescent could dish out…and they stood up to my son, too.

You can find the best zombie guns at just in time for Halloween.

Your Turn: What are the Best Zombie Guns?

What are some of the best zombie guns you’ve used? Leave a comment below with the make and model, along with a few comments on why you think they’re the best zombie guns.

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