Liquor Store Owner Cleared in Shooting of Shoplifter

Prosecutors Wednesday dropped their case against a Colorado Springs liquor store owner who was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of shooting a shoplifter he allegedly chased into the parking lot.

Chang Ho Yi, 58, faced a potential charge of attempted first-degree murder, though prosecutors never officially charged him with a crime.

Bryson Dewberry, then 22, was wounded in the jaw, and a second person hit in the leg, when Yi fired once into a car after the Oct. 25 theft at Austin Bluffs Plaza Liquor, Colorado Springs police said at the time.

The thief jumped into the car after stealing a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, and the driver was pulling away, police said in an arrest warrant.

In a brief court appearance before 4th Judicial District Judge Ronald Crowder, prosecutor Dan Zook said the District Attorney’s Office would defer to a grand jury, which declined to return an indictment. Read more


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One thought on “Liquor Store Owner Cleared in Shooting of Shoplifter

  1. davzway

    Colorado Law should be changed to allow protection of property; that being said, Mr. Li , the liquor store owner made the mistake of shooting th BG when the BG was ‘LEAVING… that’s the big problem here and I am glad no charges were filed.  He was lucky and you shouldn’t depend on Luck.    in firearms classes here in Florida, I’ve told students that a BG could have raped your wife and killed both your kids and if the BG is fleeing the scene of a crime- LEGALLY you cannot shoot the BG.   The one illegal act is done and anyone shooting the BF after the evil acts are done will be considered a vigilante, breaking the law.