Basic Shooting Skills

Rifle shooting tips

Shooting Well: It’s All in Your Head

Physical gifts aside, practice makes you a marksman - assuming, of course, you can think straight, according to popular Gun Digest author Wayne van Zwoll.

No matter your concealed carry gun or holster combination, you must practice with it.

Save Money When You Practice

One of the key elements of being effective with your concealed carry handgun is building the muscle memory you need to automatically function in a high-stress environment. The other elements include proper mindset and situational awareness, but we will talk about those later. Right now it’s all about practice. Those with a cynical view...

Dry fire practice is essential

We fight like we train. There is nothing more true. When was the last time you conducted dry-fire practice? If you did so, did you draw from the holst

Shooting with both eyes open

When you raise your pistol to the target do you instinctively close one eye to line up the sights? Don't. Starting today, right now, begin teaching yo

Practice Properly

If you want to be a good shooter... shoot more. Make the time to practice and practice properly. If you intend to carry concealed then practice drawin