Bushnell’s Bryan Morgan take No. 1 at Sniper’s Hide Cup

Morgan-Team-Bushnell-TacticalAs one of America’s top optics manufacturers, Bushnell is well versed in making the long shot come in. But this is not strictly limited to the Kansas-based company’s equipment.

Recently, Team Bushnell Tactical produced the top placer at one of the nation’s elite long-distance shooting competitions. Bryan Morgan came out of the May 22-25 Sniper’s Hide Cup the top dog, enduring testing conditions to claim his trophy at the Trigger Time Club in Fort Morgan, Colo.

Morgan dominated the four-stage event using a GA Precision built 6mm outfitted with a Templar Action, a Bartlein Barrel and Manners Stock. He fed his rifle 105-grain Berger Hybrid bullets in the competition.

Morgan also credited his optics for giving him the edge over 20 courses of fire in the testing three-day competition. He used a Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS 4.5-30x 50mm riflescope to collect his third title of the year.

The optic boasts the mil-based G2 reticle, co-developed by Team Captain George Gardner and Bushnell, and a huge range of available magnifications. Morgan used the scope’s precise adjustments and the G2 reticle to successfully engage targets from 200 to 1,200 meters spread across the windblown plains of central Colorado.

The Sniper’s Hide Cup continued to grow this year with more than 125 competitors. And it’s more than just the challenge of the distance that continues to draw out the marksmen.

The cup tests a number of facets of tactical long-distance shooting, rewarding points for accuracy, speed and other factors. Accuracy, obviously, is emphasized, with first-round hits worth more than second.

Sniper’s Hide Cup
Top-Five Finishers

  1. Bryan Morgan 249
  2. Dorgan Trostal 243
  3. Wade Stuteville 241
  4. Jake Vibbert 240
  5. Tom Lancaster 221


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