Cold Weather Survival Tips

A good quality insulated low temperature rating sleeping bag is one of the most valuable pieces of cold weather survival gear. If it is stuffed with down or even other lofted material insure that it remains dry. If it gets wet, it loses a lot of its insulation value. When it comes to personal protection items like a good cold weather sleeping bag you usually do get what you pay for.  Where possible lay down pine boughs or aspen leaves or anything dry and available on the ground that you are sleeping on to insulate you from the conductive cold of the ground.

Cold Weather Survival Tip #3: Make a Survival Kit

Other important cold weather survival items are a knife; waterproof matches in a waterproof container, fire tinder, a durable compass; map; watch; waterproof ground cloth and cover; flashlight; binoculars; dark glasses; fatty emergency foods; food gathering gear; and signaling items.

Remember, a cold weather environment can be extremely harsh on your mind as well as your body. Give a good deal of thought to selecting the right equipment for increasing your chances of survival in the cold. If unsure of an item you have never used, or with any new item test it in an “overnight backyard” environment before venturing further.

It is after all your life and the life of others with you that you are protecting.

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Find More Cold Weather Survival Tips

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