Tornado Survival Lessons from 2012 Christmas Day Storms

Santa Claus delivered a dose of tornado survival this week in the southeastern parts of the United States. As the video above shows, Mobile, Alabama, experienced a deadly tornado on Christmas Day. Two are reported dead from the storm.

In terms of preparedness, the holiday tornado survival scenario presented three important items to consider.

Weakness of Home Survival Kits

Christmas Day 2012 Tornado Survival

Christmas Day 2012 quickly turned into a tornado survival situation. The event highlighted the weakness in some home survival kits.

The tornado survival situation in Mobile caught many off guard. Some were away from home visiting relatives. Others were hosting loved ones for the holiday. Both cases exposed the weakness inherent in home survival kits.

Most home survival kits only plan for whomever is present at the time of planning. Mom, dad, kids and pets, for example. They don’t typically account for dozens of guests. What would happen if the power went out and the roads were impassible? How would the hosts provide for the guests?

The inverse is also true. If you’re a guest, what would happen if you couldn’t get home right away following a storm? Do you have enough critical medicine on-hand? Are there people or pets are home who need assistance in the short-term?

If a home survival kit already took these things into account, great. If not, they’re worth considering. Maybe a car survival kit could double as an extended stay option. Or perhaps a home survival kit could be expanded.

Gawking = No Common Sense

Quick, what do all home videos of tornadoes have in common?

Answer: None of them use common sense.

A tornado survival situation is bad enough. Filming a dangerous storm at a window or outdoors is unnecessary at best and physically harmful at worst.

Sure, the videographer’s shot might wind up on TV or a Living Ready post about tornado survival. But it’s just not worth the risk.

Survival and preparedness is a numbers game. Always choose options that most reduce risk. There’s a 100% chance tornado survival depends on making smart decisions.

False Sense of Security

Christmas and other holidays offer a chance to kick back and relax. They’re supposed to be times of happiness, not an exercise in survival. It’s easy for people to let their guard down.

But as this recent tornado survival scenario demonstrated, Mother Nature doesn’t take holidays. Enjoy time with family and friends, but keep an eye on the weather reports.

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