Post-Disaster Survival: Dynamic Entry Tools 101


Tools for dynamic entry

Dynamic entry may become critical following a disaster. It takes tools and practice to do it right.


Editor’s Note: Following a disaster, access to friends and family may be not be as easy as opening a door. Understanding dynamic entry tools and techniques is important. Tactical expert and law enforcement veteran Dave Morelli explains these concepts in this article.

When we think about dynamic entry, which could involve breaching a door or other obstacle, the SWAT operator immediately comes to mind. That’s because, normally the dynamic entry tools needed for breaching a door are not found in the patrol car.

Dynamic Entry Tool - Small Pry

Gun Digest recommends this small pry tool. It’s a portable way to be ready for dynamic entry in numerous situations.

Depending on the department’s policy on handling an emergency entry situation the patrolman might come upon a call where he has the justification of breaching a door to gain entry and need to do it right now, not when SWAT arrives.

I responded to a call one evening to a large tower hotel that security reported a woman screaming for help from one of the rooms. The room was not in the tower but on the second floor of an outside-accessible complex. The doors were steel and the railing was only about 4 feet from the door, making it hard to get a good position for a kick, especially on a steel door.

Security reported that the door was locked with a dead bolt from the inside and could not be opened with a key. We could hear the woman being thrown around and the guy’s response to our verbal commands was that it was a “private matter” and we should go away or he would come out and kick our butts. Well, if he would have come out to do it the problem would have been solved, but he didn’t and continued beating the woman. We decided some sort of entry was necessary and it needed to be immediate.

I asked the security guard if he could get someone from maintenance to bring up a sledge hammer with which we could breecht he door. We continued talking to the guy while security was getting our request. A few minutes later a guy showed up with a huge 3-foot-long pipe wrench that felt like it weighed 50pounds. It was so big I couldn’t get it on the knob and make a twist to break the lock.

So with the woman screaming I revved up the huge wrench and landed a blow just above the knob on the door. It flew open hard and a naked lady with a swollen face and bruises all over her greeted us. There was also a half-naked guy lying on the floor with the tweety birds flying around his head. According to the lady just before we made entry he put his head to the door in attempt to hear what we were doing.

Bad move! Fortunately he was not seriously hurt and it actually improved his attitude, as he was cooperative when he came to. (Knocked some sense into him I guess.)