Greatest Cartridges: The Indispensable .45 ACP

When it comes to pistol ammo, there is perhaps no more renowned cartridge than the .45 ACP. The heavy round earned its stripes and grew in popularity after nearly three-quarters of a century of service as the U.S. Military's sidearm.

Solid Concepts is putting it 3D printed 1911 on the market.

3D Printed Metal Gun Hitting the Market

Your shot to own a piece of firearms future is here. The company that produced the first 3D printed metal gun is now putting its take of the 1911 on the market in limited editions.

Win1911 Ammunition, specifically tailored for one of the world's most iconic pistols.

Winchester Releases Ammo Tailored for Iconic 1911

The Model 1911 is perhaps one of the world's most popular pistols, having earned its stripes in some of the most brutal conflicts of the 20th Century. Now one manufacturer has introduced ammunition specifically tailored for top performance in the historic handgun.