California Gun Laws


Retired California Law Enforcement Officers Want to Keep Their Rifles

Over the last decade, California law enforcement agencies have allowed their officers to purchase their own rifles for on-duty use. Many of these rifles are considered “assault weapons” under California’s draconian gun laws, and therefore cannot be purchased or owned by civilians.

Colt Magpul

Left Coast Hope from Colt to California

Colt Defense is now producing five AR-style rifles with California-compliant bullet buttons. What's a bullet button, you ask? It's a way to beat the inane, bureaucratic bumbling of Left Coast legislators with a little engineering ingenuity.

California politicans want to carry guns and ban them for everybody else.

California: Concealed Carry For Politicians, But Not For The People

A California State Senate Committee has been considering a proposal to give a concealed carry permit to, “any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official or a Member of the Legislature.” These elected officials could carry a gun, “for purposes of protection or self-defense.”

California’s New Ammunition Law Put On Hold — For Now

In California, “A Fresno County Superior Court judge has blocked a pending state law that would have required Californians to provide a thumbprint and photo identification when buying handgun ammunition,” the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

San Francisco Gun Store to Remain Open

Last week, San Francisco's only retail firearms shop received conditional approval to reopen, much to the dis-approval of anti-gunner who wanted the shop closed for good.

California Lawsuit Could Advance Concealed Carry

San Diego, like Los Angeles, issues very few licences to carry a concealed weapon. Licenses issued by both jurisdictions are capricious and arbitrary. In the case of Peruta v San Diego, the Sheriff's department favored a private organization called the Honorable Deputy Sheriff's Association. Not a single member in good...