The top cluster was a 100-yard benchrest group, and the bottom group was shot off-hand using the leather sling and kneeling position. While the top group indicates this load is not very accurate, note that the off-hand group, other than point of impact being lower, was only slightly larger. The rifle is a custom-made .280 Ackley Improved.

The Military Sling For Better Off-Hand Shooting

More time spent learning the military leather sling and off-hand shooting positions will reap big rewards in the game fields or tactical environments where fast-shooting may be the only option.

New vintage sniper rifle matches to be held at CMP Games and Camp Perry.

New Vintage Sniper Match at CMP Games, Camp Perry

Those who appreciate owning and shooting vintage military sniper rifles now have a new opportunity to compete with them as CMP and Hornady announce a new Vintage Sniper Rifle category for CMP Games and Camp Perry.

Reader: Offer Socialized Gun Ownership

A Gun Digest reader offers a unique twist on the Obama socialized healthcare debate: If they're going to give everyone healthcare, why not give everyone a gun, too?

You, Me and the CMP

Did you know that even today most Gun Digest readers can buy military surplus M-1 Garand rifles, M-1903 Springfield rifles, M-1917 rifles, surplus military 22 LR target rifles, ammunition, and gun parts taken directly from surplus U.S. government stocks at excellent prices?