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Tactical Pistol Shooting, Handgun Training Tips & Techniques That Work

Book Giveaway: Win “Tactical Pistol Shooting”

Pistol training to master the basics is the only way to shoot faster and more accurately. Whether you carry a pistol for a living, for defense or personal protection, "Tactical Pistol Shooting" will help you attain the level of handgun training desired.

Get common-sense, practical advice on avoiding conflict; personal defense techniques; and safe, responsible use of pepper sprays, Tasers, handguns, revolvers and shotguns.

Book Excerpt: Use of Non Lethal Weapons for Self Defense

Check out these excerpts from Chapter 11 of "Personal Defense for Women," where author Gila Hayes covers use of non lethal weapons for self defense, including tasers and pepper spray, and exposes lies and dangerous scams surrounding stun guns and other devices.

Personal defense and concealed carry for women

Concealed Carry for Women: Gila Hayes Walks the Walk

Massad Ayoob sums it up nicely: "Our daughters need more role models like Gila Hayes." In her book "Personal Defense for Women," Hayes disregards the stereotypes and tells women what they need to know to protect themselves and their families.

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Video: Would-Be Robbery Thwarted by Concealed Carry

When a van pulled up next to a Milwaukee couple walking a dog on March 24, 2012, something didn’t feel right. The couple’s fears were realized when the driver pulled a handgun and demanded their belongings. What happened next is a perfect example of how concealed carry keeps law-abiding people safe. Source Learn More...

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Johnston County, North Carolina: Where 1 in 25 Have Concealed Carry Permits

Johnston County, located near the center of North Carolina, has seen an impressive surge in concealed carry permits, based on statistics from the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. “Last April the total number of concealed carry permits issued for Johnston County was 4,500, and as of January 2012 that number has risen to more than...

This engraved Statue of Liberty Glock 22 is up for auction at and will be on display at SHOT SHow 2012.

Engraved Glock is a Looker

Up for auction at gunbroker is an Austrian-engraved Glock 22, selected as the Official Handgun for the 2012 SHOT Show Auction. And I have to admit: This engraved Glock actually looks good — really good!

Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob

Check Out These Excerpts from Massad Ayoob’s New Book

In "Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob," America's best-known combat pistol shooter shares stories and insights from his decades of experience. If your skill with a gun is the only thing standing between you and death, you'll be glad you read this book. While you wait for your copy to arrive, check out these excerpts....