Editor’s Shot

Defining a Fine Shotgun

Fine shotguns amaze me. Not that I could ever afford to own one. I couldn’t. Some people spend on shotguns what I spend for a used car. And I don’t buy many really good used cars.

Now Comes Chicago!

What troubles Senior Editor Kevin Michalowski is that Chicago politicians don't do anything "unless they can turn a buck from doing it. I can't for the life of me figure out how they are making money restricting guns."

Let’s Go the Other Way This Time

Unless we speak up, politicians are going to continue to hit us with silly schemes that take our freedom and do nothing to stop criminals.

Serial Numbers Not The Problem

Trijicon comes under fire for Biblical references on its scopes. Editor Kevin Michalowski stands up for the troops and the scope maker.

Time to Speak Up and Be Heard

Honest citizens are not to blame for gun violence, but they are the only ones who get punished. Worst of all, they get punished preemptively.