Gun Digest the Magazine, December 2, 2013

Gun Digest Magazine helps you find the best Christmas gift for the firearms fanatic in your life in our new issue. We also talk with Pawn Stars gun expert Sean Rich and take a look at Kel-Tec's PMR-30 .22 mag.

Gun Digest the Magazine, October 7, 2013.

Gun Digest the Magazine, October 7, 2013

The October 7, 2013, edition of Gun Digest the Magazine gets on target with Remington's 2020 System. We also take a look at Mossberg’s 4X4 Rifle and the right gun, load for waterfowl.

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Thompson/Center’s Humble Beginnings

A man, a garage, and the idea for a firearm–for Thompson/Center, such meager beginnings proved to be the foundation for a most unique gun company. “For Kenneth Thompson, a New York toolmaker, the end of WWII marked the birth of his own firm. From his Long Island garage, he shipped molds and tooling for...

Freedom And Firearms: Kennedy And Words To Live By

On the heels of the many passionate speeches given at this past weekend’s Annual Meetings of the NRA Membership, these words from the President John F. Kennedy still ring true for our firearms and freedoms.   “The cost of freedom is always high—but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never...


Rust Happens (Even on Stainless Steel Firearms)

So you bought that snazzy stainless firearm because the guy behind the counter told you it’d shed the elements like water off a duck’s back. Yeah, right. “The trend in firearms clearly seems to be away from the classic blued ones and in favor of those being marketed as stainless. But a big misconception...

Practice makes perfect.

Gun Quotes: Are Your Firearms Skills Good Enough? Never.

Firearms journalist extraordinaire Richard A. Mann tells us why, as good a shooter as you may be, you’re never good enough. “Obviously, as you progress through your training, you can tell if you are improving. The question many want to know is, “How will Iknow when I am good enough?” Sorry. You can never...