The Gun Digest Book of the Glock

A Great Glock Shooting Book

  I started my career in the firearms industry working at a retail gun store and indoor shooting range. I clearly remember the Glock models we rented for use on the range and the subsequent sales we almost always made after someone had their first few trigger pulls with one. That was back in...

No matter your concealed carry gun or holster combination, you must practice with it.

Save Money When You Practice

One of the key elements of being effective with your concealed carry handgun is building the muscle memory you need to automatically function in a high-stress environment. The other elements include proper mindset and situational awareness, but we will talk about those later. Right now it’s all about practice. Those with a cynical view...

Glock 19 before the customization

How to Customize a Glock for $200

In 2010, the Glock 19 was Glock’s best selling gun, commercially. Now in its fourth generation and still widely regarded for its reliability and durability the midsize 19 remains a very popular choice for concealed carry, target shooting at the range, and home defense. The differences between the four generations of Glock 19s include...