Gun Buying

A Primer On Buying Used Handguns

There is nothing wrong with buying a used handgun. Assuming, of course, that there is nothing wrong with the used gun you are buying. But how to tell?

Are Your Guns Insured?

Are your guns insured for an amount that will replace them in case they are lost in a fire? Don't assume your homeowner's policy will cover them if they are lost.

Gun Auctions: Their Impact and Influence

We have recently witnessed a significant change in the influence of the gun auction market and the firms that participate in it. Certainly, the most obvious indicator has been the many record-breaking prices achieved by a wide variety of models and types of antique American firearms, their levels of quality...

Why You Need Gun Insurance

Surrounded as we are with thieves, scoundrels, rogues, knaves, scalawags, prowlers and the light-fingered in this modern civilized era, the collector would do well to take safeguards to protect his valuable guns.

Gun Collecting and Grading

Firearms collecting is a rewarding hobby. Firearms are part of our nation's history and represent an opportunity to learn more about their role in that American experience. If done skillfully, firearms collecting can be a profitable hobby as well.

Gun Collecting: For Fun and Profit

Gun collecting can be fun and profitable, but if you approach the craft with only a view toward investing, you're likely to have neither in the end. Here's how to get the most out of your firearms collection.