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Modern Shooter television is a program designed to share the how-to skills and behind-the-scenes views of the firearms world like nothing seen anywhere else.


Gun Digest the Magazine, 2014 Concealed Carry Issue

The July 1, 2014 Gun Digest the Magazine is the special Concealed Carry issue. It's packing articles on the Glock G42, Walther PPQ M2 .40 Cal., Guncrafter CCO plus how-to features on spare ammo, choosing a carry gun and the best defensive ammo available today.

Gun Digest the Magazine, June 12, 2014

Gun Digest the Magazine, June 12, 2014

The June 12, 2014 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine features the Para Executive Carry, M1 Garand, Armalite AR-18, clay busting tips and the gun show calendar.