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Gun Digest 2013 67th Edition Book

Gun Digest 2013—It’s Finally Here!

  For all you loyal Gun Digest annual readers out there who’ve been chompin’ at the bit for this year’s edition, you can breathe a side of relief, pull up a comfy chair, and settle in for a good long read, because it’s finally here! Gun Digest 2013 is on bookstore shelves. I had...

The 28 gauge Darne has a “silvered” action, the stronger 10 gauge (rear) has a black receiver. One is the best-handling quail or grouse gun imaginable; the big bore is also light and lively enough for carrying many a mile without tiring the shooter.

The Darne Gun

Despite little advertising and less fanfare, the makers of this unique, handsome and elegant double gun have sold nearly a half-million of them throughout the world. They must be doing something right!

IN MEMORIAM: Dan Shideler, Gun Digest Editor

We at F+W Media and Gun Digest are saddened to announce that our friend and colleague, Dan Shideler, a senior editor in the Firearms/Knives Group, passed away Sunday, April 3.


Video Review of 1960 Gun Digest Book

Watch this video review of a 1960 edition of Gun Digest. See the rifles, shotguns, handguns and more — all the things that make Gun Digest books so endearing and collectible.

Remember the first Gun Digest? (Hint: Think back to 1944!)

Remember the first Gun Digest? Back in 1944, under the watchful eye of John T. Amber, the first annual edition of Gun Digest printed in a limited quantity. It quickly sold out and has since become a much sought-after and valuable collectors' item.

The dust jacket of the 1955 Bonanza edition, the one most familiar to collectors.

Must Read Books for Gun Collectors

Gun collecting had existed before World War II, but it was the second world war that pumped new life into the hobby, both in the form of vintage guns as well as gun-conscious hobbyists, many of whom had just returned from service abroad. And while many couldn't afford to buy guns, most could afford...