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Gun Digest Greatest Guns: Remington’s 40-XB

Accuracy, particularly with over-the-counter rifles, often is worse than the buyer expects, or hopes it will be. Remington, however made a gun with a guaranteed level of performance - less than one-half MOA in some calibers! Here's a full report, from Gun Digest 1968, on a workout of Remington's hot 40-XB.

Gun Review: Taurus PT 1911

I've never had much use for semi-auto pistols. Compared to revolvers, they've always seemed to me to be clunky, awkward things. As for their supposed tactical superiority, well, I can't argue that; but the thought of my actually being involved in anything even remotely tactical is just absurd.

Elmer Keith shot a single action Colt like this one.


FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS I wore a sixgun as regularly as I did my trousers. Without it I did not feel fully dressed. It was a tool, and a mighty useful one at that. I still like to have a good gun in easy reach at all times.

Shown is a Colt Bisley model with horn grips

Sixguns – Part 2

The Keith 235-grain 44 Special hollow point, backed by 18.5 grains of 2400, is even worse in its destruction of living tissue. It's certain death on either elk or deer if placed in the lungs broadside at close range, but it will not penetrate quite as well as the 250-grain solid in bone or...

Elmer Keith shot a single action Colt like this one.

Sixguns – Part 3

One fall, when in need of his winter's meat, Charley ran onto a bull moose standing broadside. Holding his gun with both hands, he aimed for the heart and shot once. The bull lurched away but went only one hundred yards and lay down and was soon ready for the knife. The flat-point Keith...

Smith & Wesson M&P: 8 Tips for a Better Trigger

Smith & Wesson's M&P (Military and Police) pistol makes an excellent match pistol. This article, excerpted from Gun Digest 2009 annual book, provides a thorough review of this popular new tactical handgun. Plus - 8 tips from a master gunsmith for improving the M&P's trigger.


This Gun Collecting Game

Gun collecting is easy, rewarding, educational and relaxing - and if you go about it right, it needn't be expensive.

Winchester: The Collector’s Choice

When one decides to become a collector of Winchesters, he is entering a world where, most think, stiff competition is everywhere. This isn't always true; it all depends what Winchesters a person decides to collect.