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Ask the Editor: Which Gun Price Guide Do I Need?

With several gun pricing books to choose from, we here at GD are often asked, “Which price guide has the [insert your gun model here] in it?” Here’s a quick look at what each book does (and, in some cases, doesn’t) cover.

Walther Model PP.

Collecting Walther Military Models PP and PPK

These beautifully made pistols were the first of the original double-action blowback semi-automatic pistols. They had a successful commercial design with a high polished blue finish that was second to none.

Gun Auctions: What Sells, And What Auctioneers Look for in a Consigner

With the firearms industry still enjoying the residual effects of the sales frenzy that started with the election of Barack Obama, firearms auctioneers generally report good overall sales in the firearms auctions business despite a struggling economy. The items that sell in firearms auctions, however, are not typical of what’s selling across the firearms...

Gun Digest the Magazine, September 13, 2010

In the September 13, 2010 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine you'll find articles on the history and politics of gun shows, gun show listings, how to take a kid gun shopping, how to work up accurate varmint loads, new gun products, trends of value, gun auction listings, and the extensive gun classifieds section.

U.S. Blocking Return Of Surplus M1 Garands From Korea?

Those rifles had sat in South Korean warehouses for the last five decades, and could prove a treasure trove for military surplus retailers, collectors, and shooters. Recently, though, came news from South Korea that the sale of these M1’s was in a sort of bureaucratic limbo. According to the Korea Times, “The U.S. government...

Gun Digest the Magazine, August 30, 2010

Gun Digest the Magazine, August 30, 2010

The August 30, 2010 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine includes coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Chicago gun ban case of Otis McDonald, accessories for long-range shooting, fire pin types, gunsmithing lingo, and a rimfire field gun review, plus the extensive gun classifieds and auction listings.