Home Defense

Personal defense and concealed carry for women

Concealed Carry for Women: Gila Hayes Walks the Walk

Massad Ayoob sums it up nicely: "Our daughters need more role models like Gila Hayes." In her book "Personal Defense for Women," Hayes disregards the stereotypes and tells women what they need to know to protect themselves and their families.

Survival Guns

Preppers and Survivalists, Get Your Guns

With all the activity by doomsday preppers and survivalists, one area is often overlooked: information about survival guns. Now, you can get the book that fills that void: "Survival Guns" by Mel Tappan.

Own the Night

3 Tips for Handheld Tactical Lights (& a Book Giveaway)

Last week, we looked at ways that using a flashlight can get you hurt, and considered one example from "Own the Night" by Scott Wagner. Find out what Wagner says about the technique in the photo, and enter for a chance to win a free copy of the book!

The Stoeger Double Defense 20-Gauge.

Modern Double Barrels for Home Defense

The selection of double barrel shotguns for tactical use is somewhat limited. However, the simple and reliable break-action of a side-by-side shotgun is still a top contender for home defense.

New Hampshire: Did NRA Fumble Constitutional Carry?

The people of New Hampshire did not get a constitutional carry (no permit required) bill passed this year, and a state grass-roots group called Pro-Gun New Hampshire is putting the blame for this on the local National Rifle Association legislative liaison and the state affiliate group who they say effectively killed the bill as...