Hunting Guns

Remington VTR Varmint Tactical Rifle

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 4

A triangular barrel keeps a Remington varmint rifle balanced back nicely in the hand and quickly cooled for repeat action--and there's opportunity for post-holiday close-out price reductions with some discontinued versions.

Cooper Rifles of Montana Varmint Extreme rifle

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 3

While there are ample factory rifles that'll do a coyote in, sometimes a custom bullet-slinger can make the hunt that much more special. Today's post takes a look at the very special rifles from Cooper Rifles of Montana.

Savage Lightweight Varminter-T

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 2

Coyotes and zombies are in for a lot of trouble, with a super-slick thumbhole stocked killer from Savage, and the new green-point Z-Max bullets from Hornady. What a combo!

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 1

Baby it's COLD outside, and that means it's time to hunt coyotes in all their furry, howling glory. Let's get January's Coyote Gun setups going with a neato-keeno AR-styled pick from DPMS.

Rossi Single Shot Youth Size Rifle

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 10

The Rossi Single-Shot Youth-Size rifle is not only easy on the wallet, but has the value-added attraction of being able to grow with your child.

Ruger No. 1 Sporter single-shot rifle

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 9

The graceful lines and compact, single-shot design, make the Ruger No. 1 Sporter a highly maneuverable and super-safe choice for a really special teen deer hunter.

Tikka T3 Lite rifle

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 8

Gunsmiths in Finland make some of the world's most accurate rifles, with the Tikka brand leading the way in those that are also economical.

Ruger Mini 30

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 7

Ruger's Mini 30 is not only a great physical fit for youth deer hunters, it's also a gun they can explore other shooting sports with.