Illinois Gun Laws

Pike County Illinois forced to consider Constitutional Carry.

Pike County, Illinois: Constitutional Carry Could be on The Spring Ballot

In Pike County, Illinois, Dan Mefford, a chiropractor from Pittsfield, has begun a movement to get a constitutional carry referendum on the election ballot for March of 2012. If successful, such a ballot referendum, “could lead to the state being forced to recognize this right as well, and to expand it to include the...


Chicago One Year Later: Handguns Still Difficult to Own

Last year, the City of Chicago lost a lawsuit that was supposed to make it easier for citizens to own handguns. But since the U.S. Supreme Court struck that down in McDonald v. City of Chicago, handgun ownership has increased modestly.

Cook County, Illinois Gun Range Shut Down

Since the 1920s the Blue Park Gun Club has served recreational shooters in Cook County, Illinois. But the range is now shut down, thanks to anti-gun sentiment in County government.

Illinois Shooting Range Prevails in Court

In Mascoutah, Illinois, the Caseyville Rifle and Pistol Club has been in a six-year legal battle with St. Clair County, which was determined to close the range and appropriate the land. Recently, the Club had a big win, when the 5th District Appellate Court in Mount Vernon ruled that the County must pay...

Woman Shoots Burglar

A suspected burglar was arrested Monday after he kicked down an apartment door in Oak Park, prompting a woman inside to shoot the intruder, police said.