Ithaca Made Rifles? Why Yes, Yes it Did!

Certainly better and best known for its shotguns, including the famous Model 37, Ithaca once dabbled in rifle building, as well. “The Ithaca Gun Company of Ithica, N.Y., is best remembered for the double barreled shotguns they once manufactured. If your father or grandfather was a waterfowl or upland bird hunter he might have...


An Ithaca and a Bird Horse?

Elmer Keith certainly had ways of doing things that weren’t the way others did ’em–but so long has he had a gun in his hand like his favored Ithaca, dinner was on the table. “Shorty liked to hunt. I’d hunt coyotes with him. At that time I was packing a big old 15-pound bull-gun,...

Ithaca Waterfowler 12-gauge shotgun

Late-Season Goose Hunting Guns, No. 3

Sorry for the gap in posts, folks. Been really busy with manuscripts for some really exciting books coming out this spring and fall. Have recently edited a fantastic book on big-bore revolvers that everyone is going to love, even if all you’ve ever owned is a J-frame S&W snubby. Also taking time has been...

Ithaca Enters 1911 Market

Last year Ithaca resurrected several models of their popular shotguns. This year, the company has brought back its 1911.