John T. Amber

The 28 gauge Darne has a “silvered” action, the stronger 10 gauge (rear) has a black receiver. One is the best-handling quail or grouse gun imaginable; the big bore is also light and lively enough for carrying many a mile without tiring the shooter.

The Darne Gun

Despite little advertising and less fanfare, the makers of this unique, handsome and elegant double gun have sold nearly a half-million of them throughout the world. They must be doing something right!

IN MEMORIAM: Dan Shideler, Gun Digest Editor

We at F+W Media and Gun Digest are saddened to announce that our friend and colleague, Dan Shideler, a senior editor in the Firearms/Knives Group, passed away Sunday, April 3.


Video Review of 1960 Gun Digest Book

Watch this video review of a 1960 edition of Gun Digest. See the rifles, shotguns, handguns and more — all the things that make Gun Digest books so endearing and collectible.

Remember the first Gun Digest? (Hint: Think back to 1944!)

Remember the first Gun Digest? Back in 1944, under the watchful eye of John T. Amber, the first annual edition of Gun Digest printed in a limited quantity. It quickly sold out and has since become a much sought-after and valuable collectors' item.


Russia’s Red Forest

In this classic article from the 1980 Gun Digest, editor John T. Amber pursues Russia's red deer - and some interesting Russian arms - in the Red Forest.